ORCHARD THIEVES • Quench Your Curiosity

Client: Heineken • Agency: Rothco (Dublin) • Prod Co: MPC

From the moment I first read this script about animated graffiti, the challenge of doing it all for real in camera was not going to leave my brain. How far and how big could we push it became my motto. So I put together a team of graffiti artists friends with different styles. Each of us was going to be the main artist on one wall and help the others to execute theirs frame by frame in camera. Artists collaboration at its best.


Client: CTCP • Agency: Duncan Channon (San Francisco) • Prod Co: Giraldi Media

The goal was to build a case against Big Tobacco by giving a voice to the 4.5 trillion cigarette butts thrown away in the streets every year, and therefore to use Big Tobacco’s own litter against them. I suggested creating pieces of artwork made with cigarette butts, which I designed. I had a team of artists to help me craft the smelliest piece of art ever made, using more than 15,000 cigarette butts picked up from the streets of LA.

NISSAN Dayz • The Dream Tunnel

Client: Nissan • Agency: TBWA (Tokyo) • Prod Co: Pulse Films

Our task of creating a reflective design that would appear when lit by car’s headlights, was assumed by everyone to be best done in post-production. But I love the challenge to do it for real whenever possible, so I created a 350 meters long design with Gilles&Cecilie Studio, which was then made using thousands of pieces of reflective tape, all individually stuck in the tunnel at a 45º angle to work with the cars’ headlights. It was nominated for Le Book Awards in NYC and won Best Environmental Design at the Visuelt Awards in Oslo.

TIPICO • The Original

Client: Tipico • Agency: Scholz & Friends (Hamburg) • Prod Co: Cndy

I designed a mural to be featured in the Tipico campaign: I had to feature a portrait of our lead actor in an abstract layout with subtle hints to the Bayern Munich Football Club, without being too obvious about it. I then put together a team of artists to paint the big wall in Ljubljana: Neil Edward with Zuias and Boris from the 1107 Klan.

TOYOTA Prius • Lighter On London

Client: Toyota / GreenTomatoCars • Agency: Dentsu (London) • Prod Co: Annex Films

This project presented a huge technical challenge at the time. We developed a software able to track in real time a laser pointed at a wall. Once connected to powerful projectors, the software instantly traces lines behind the laser, like a pen. We then had to train our steady hands, as a millimetre shake results in a huge wobble on the wall. The Battersea Power Station doodles still remain the biggest art piece I have ever done.

PERRIER • Flavour Inspiration

Client: Perrier • Agency: Ogilvy (New York) • Prod Co: Irresistible Films

I collaborated with extraordinary artist AKA CORLEONE, who was willing to get inspired by the colour palette of the Perrier Flavour range, while letting me document the whole process. I wanted to work with architectural  volumes to break away from classic flat wall murals, which is why we ended up painting every side and corner of this massive house. 


Client: Footlocker / Converse • Agency: Sapient Nitro (London) • Prod Co: Annex Films

The agency creatives wanted to use duct tape street art to promote this Converse limited edition series. I was interested in provoking visual interactions between my designs and the streets, to make the pieces inseparable from where they were created. Then I put together a team of Tape artists from around Europe and we took over the streets of London while documenting the process. Pictures of my artwork were also used for the print campaign.

BBC • Electric Proms

Client: BBC • Agency: Fallon (London) • Prod Co: Annex Films

The BBC Electric Proms is a music festival about indie bands and pop artists collaborating with the BBC Concert Orchestra. The idea was to visually illustrate this concept using quirky interactions between ripped music posters of the featured artists and orchestral instruments. The juxtapositions were carefully designed ahead and animated frame by frame on location.

ADIDAS • Play Hard

Client: Adidas / Footlocker • Agency: AMV (London) • Prod Co: Pulse Films

The agency wanted to graffiti the tagline of the spot on a wall. But there was nowhere to do a mural in our location, so I found a way to use the fence that surrounds the basketball court as a canvas. We stuck spray-painted cups in the mesh of the fence to create the artwork I designed. If I was doing this today, I’d obviously make it with recyclable paper cups instead. 

JD Sports • In The Lights

Client: JD Sports • Direct to client • Prod Co: Pulse Films

JD Sports wanted a series of idents focused on their exclusive range. I approached stills photographer Ali Mobasser who works with long exposure photography and moving lights. We shot the idents on a motion control rig, lighting the product frame-by-frame, which allowed us to design macro moving shots with beautiful textures and without any camera shadows. Following the success of the campaign, I was asked to write three scripts featuring apparels and similar trainer sequences.


Client: Guinness • Agency: Saatchi (Cape Town) • Prod Co: Annex Films

Every word had a few letters built to scale and placed on set for the cast to interact with. It was awesome to see the trucks unloading the massive letters. The rest of the words were added and animated in post production.

ZAIN • Iraqi Youth

Client: Zain • Agency: Ogilvy (Beirut) • Prod Co: VIP Films

It was fascinating to immerse myself into the Iraqi young music scene and get inspired. I designed a multitude of sets, as different from each other as the music influences and the artists featured. To reflect the music piece, I wanted to travel from set to set in a non linear way, making them feel disjointed and connected at the same time.

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