PATIENTS OF A SAINT • Feature Film Opening Titles

Client: GC Films • Nubian Films

I developed the concept for the opening titles of this feature film in partnership with JAM VFX and the film’s director Russell Owen. I then designed the titles, shot and edited the ink plates, before crafting the shots in VFX with the help of the team at Jam.




Dismissive • Music video


Roxbury remix • Lewis Recordings

I designed and animated the titles on this DJ Yoda music video for the Roxbury remix by Double Dee & Steinski featuring Ed OG & Nubya Garcia.

NEW BALANCE • Game On / Game Over

Client: New Balance • Agency: Zak (London) • Prod Co: Pulse Films

The agency created a visual identity for the print campaign, which distinguished the two ranges of New Balance Football boots: The Furon range was shown with chevrons symbolising the attack, and the Visaro used vertical lines to illustrate defence. Using these same chevrons and vertical lines, I designed the set for our live action shoot, plus all the transitions and graphics added over the edit.


Client: Kenwood • Agency: Mc Saatchi (London)

SPECIAL K • Eat Ask Move Repeat

Client: Kellogg's / Amazon / Reebok • Agency: Leo Burnett (London) • Prod Co: Annex Films

Flying in and out of live action through animated graphics and illustrations, these two spots mix the worlds of Special K with two new partners: Alexa and Reebok. I did all the illustrations and designed all the graphics within the Special K colour palette representing the range of Special K products. 

NIKE Grid • London

Client: Nike • Agency: Weiden+Kennedy (London) • Prod Co: Pulse Films

We're turning London into a game board, challenging young urban runners to ‘claim their streets’ by amassing points for runs they completed between specially assigned phone boxes. So, we designed colourful graphics and badges to create a strong gaming look.

IQOS 3 • The magic Number

Client: IQOS • Agency: Mc Cann (London) • Prod Co: Skunk

The concept for this cinema commercial was to animate the script with words and graphics, which I designed within the IQOS 3 colour palette and animated over the live action plates I shot for it.

MADAME X • Tour Visuals

Client: Madonna

I had the privilege to work for the one and only Queen Of Pop on the Madame X Theatre Tour 2020. I designed and animated some of her stage visuals to be projected on multiple huge screens behind the live choreography. Not much I can show you unfortunately, as the tour might still be going…


Client: Discovery Channel Europe

All kinds of cars, planes and trains engines were recorded for this series of Turbo idents. We animated abstract shapes from the deconstructed Turbo logo to the sound of the various engines. The goal was to suggest the vehicles behind the engines, only through the colours used and the way the abstract shapes animate.

i ROBOT • Roomba

Client: i Robot

For the launch of the first practical home robot available on the market, our client had a lot of technical information to explain to the consumers (as nobody had seen such a vacuum cleaner before).  So I developed a set of simple but high-tech graphics to explain in the most effective way what the iRobot Roomba was capable of.


I designed a font and all the titles for the opening and closing of this short film/documentary.



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