AXA • The Missing Heart

Client: AXA • Agency: We Are Social (Paris)

For the AXA robot, I wanted a simple high-tech design, but most importantly I needed a character with attitude and that could show a wide range of emotions. The design of the robot started with a sketch on a napkin, it was then built and brought to life with remote control mechanics. Everything was done in-camera apart from the eyes, which were animated in post-production. I also designed the opening title and the on-screen graphics featured in the second episode.

BREAK • Dance Off Game

Client: E4 • Agency: Mook

BREAK was a Breakdancing video game created with Mook for E4. I designed all the characters and the interchangeable outfits you could select for your characters. I also animated all the dance moves, designed the interface and all the backgrounds to choose from.


REPLIKA is an animated TV series concept about a new generation of 'hybrid' computer viruses -  Half digital / Half organic - They live and evolve inside our computers but also in our virtual digital world, depicting an interesting critic of our society. It wasn't just about designing characters here, but also about designing all their environment and defining their lifestyle.

LACOSTE • New Perspectives

Client: Lacoste • Agency: Grey (London) • Prod Co: Pulse Films

A character can be defined by its look, but also by its role. As a way to show a New Perspective, the agency came to me with the concept of a documentary about two famous Instagramers representing a new generation of photographers. They were also looking for a way to feature “the cube”, referring to the design of the new Lacoste L!VE bottle. I came up with the idea of a GPS tracker that would place “the cube” in the centre of the story, giving it a narrative purpose rather than just a visual cameo. This concept ended up driving the whole structure of our film.


Client: Red Snapper • Agency: Mook

To suggest the story of a small brand like Red Snapper Energy Drink in a market clearly dominated by Red Bull at the time, I was asked to design a sweet little character that would represent the brand in a series of very short animated episodes always involving the 'RedBull' giants. The cute and inoffensive looking character would suddenly transform to a fierce and scary little thing with an overload of attitude.


Client: MTV Europe

MTV needed a series of super heroes designed to illustrate various categories of programs for their younger audience. The Spare Heroes each represent different subjects and types of TV shows.


Client: Sony Music

This is my first music video, back in 2002. I drew and animated the characters frame-by-frame in an old school cell animation technique, which involved quite a few thousands sketches! I also designed the backgrounds that were then animated by a small team of friends on After Effects.


My first piece of animation • 1999

This one is my very first piece of moving images (aside from skateboard and graffiti videos). I had never done any animation before and decided to start with the most old school technique of cell animation. I loved watching my little character come to life. Something definitely clicked in my big young head and I guess this animation might have got me my first music video for the Moonraisers (just above).

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